Published issues

Here you can find the last version of the previous issues of AMJ in PDF format. Since AMJ is now only published in electronic format, the last issues will be made available here for free as soon as they are ready for publication.

VolumeIssueLinkLast update
11 (2024)1Download2024-06-25
10 (2023)2Download2024-01-15
10 (2023)1Download2023-07-16
9 (2022)2Download2023-01-24
9 (2022)1Download2022-07-03
8 (2021)2Download2022-01-25
8 (2021)1Download2021-08-15
7 (2020)2Download2022-01-11
7 (2020)1Download2020-07-08
6 (2019)2Download2020-02-06
6 (2019)1Download2019-06-27
5 (2018)2Download2019-01-14
5 (2018)1Download2018-07-17
4 (2017)2Download2018-02-01
4 (2017)1Download2017-06-25
3 (2016)2Download2016-12-28
3 (2016)1Download2016-07-17
2 (2015)2Download2016-05-29
2 (2015)1Download2016-05-29
1 (2014)2Download2015-12-29
1 (2014)1Download2015-12-29

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jose (dot) luis (dot) diaz (at) upc (dot) edu