Arhimede Mathematical Journal

Arhimede Mathematical Journal is a free online journal focused on mathematical problem solving. All contents published in this journal revolve around problems similar to those which appear in most mathematical contests.

The intended audience of AMJ consists especially of high school and undergraduate students who have an interest in participating in mathematical contests, and everyone who wants to learn about mathematical problem solving.

The journal constitutes thus an opportunity for interested students to publish their own problems and solutions, as well as to share their knowledge on problem-solving techniques with others all over the world.

The editorial board encourages submissions from all kinds of people, including both students and professors of mathematics.



“The goal of Arhimede Mathematical Journal is to provide a means of publication of useful material to train students for mathematical contests at all levels. Potential contributions include any work involving fresh ideas and techniques, problems and lessons helpful to train contestants, all written in a clear and elegant mathematical style. All areas of mathematics, including algebra, combinatorics, geometry, number theory and real and complex analysis, are considered appropriate for the journal.”